Mirissa Beach, Mirissa, Sri Lanka – Photo by:Daniel Klein

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The Last Wild Men Of Borneo: “Bruno became the most wanted man in Malaysia. To the Malaysians, he represented not just this guy making trouble with the Penan, but the personification of the White Rajah’s return. He was arrested twice, escaped both times under gunfire—crazy stories that seem too wild to believe! Back in Europe, the movement to save the Penan was growing larger. His parents were getting old, his father had cancer. Bruno was bitten by a pit viper snake and almost died.” National Geographic’s Simon Worrall interviews Carl Hoffman on his new book, which entangles the mystery of Tarzan with the rawness of the movie First Contact: Two Men Set Out To Find Borneo’s Jungle Tribes. One Never Came Back.

+Talking about indigenous tribes and our modern economy’s encroachment on their territories, National Geographic also discusses how isolated tribes will be impacted by a new highway in the Amazon. (Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result?)

War of the Prawns: Borders. These imaginary lines that we have drawn to give us peace and power, sovereignity and slavery, safety and turmoil. Conflict and diplomacy have always been instrumental in building these lines. But when the conflict ends, the lines have been drawn, and the living begins, what happens?  “As the number of boats on the strait increases, there are fewer and fewer fish to follow. The Palk Strait, once a place of limitless abundance, has become the focal point of a conflict no longer fought over religion or arms or the kidnapped wife of a god, but over fish.” Michael Synder details the Prawn War between India and Sri Lanka that has only just begun. (Food war…. what is it good for… absolutely nothing!)

It’s a Dog’s World: In our feel good story of the week, “A photographer documents scenes from Territorio De Zaguates, a converted farm in the Santa Bárbara mountains that’s giving abandoned dogs a second chance“.

+ Google Japan has a Maps Street view from a dog’s perspective. Because. Why not.

The Business of Travel

New York has risen: Despite the anticipated tourism drops because of changing immigration, travel and visa policies by the current US administration, New York had record tourism numbers. (Maybe everyone is rushing to get to visit while they still can…)

Job of a Lifetime: Somehow we always talk about a job posting in this section, but luckily (or unluckily) we are going to talk about someone who actually got hired for once. And it came just in time: “New York City has always been proud of its reputation for being the city that doesn’t sleep. But for residents who live in neighborhoods centered around that vibrant nightlife, it’s become a point of consternation. Throbbing bass lines, drunken revelers and errant piles of vomit have become increasingly frequent in enclaves like the Lower East Side and Williamsburg.” Enter, the new mayor of nightlife.

Ready. Set. Listen.

What We Get Right About Accessible Travel | Women Who Travel Podcast: The Women Who Travel podcast continues to push, challenge and address the boundaries and structure within the travel industry in a way that is both funny, engaging and ultimately perspective changing. In their 2nd season, Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey are hitting their stride in balancing unexpected topics with quality travel advice.

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